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Herkimer BOCES students complete their CTE journey
June 26, 2015

The Kraegers
Michael and Mary Kraeger speak to students who have completed Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES career and technical education programs this school year during the Herkimer BOCES completion and awards ceremony on June 16 in the Little Falls High School auditorium. The Kraegers both graduated from Herkimer BOCES years ago and returned to be the keynote speakers for this year’s ceremony.

LITTLE FALLS – Two years ago, nearly 200 students from local school districts made a decision to attend career and technical education programs at Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES.

The decision was easy for some and made with some anxiety for others, Herkimer BOCES CTE Principal Kathy Fox said, as she talked to graduates recently during the Herkimer BOCES CTE completion and awards ceremony.

From the time they started their CTE courses in the fall of September 2013 to their completion of the two-year programs this year, the students spent about 850 hours with their Herkimer BOCES instructors, who shared their expertise, skills, knowledge and wisdom, Fox said.

In addition to learning the specific skills of their technical programs, students learned many of the soft skills that are so important to employers such as solid attendance, cooperation, dependability, teamwork and perseverance, Fox said.

Fox commended the students on building a solid foundation for their careers and wished them continued success.

“Draw from your experience, choose your path, alter it where necessary and keep in touch,” she said.
More than $13,500 in scholarships and more than $500 in special awards were given out during the Herkimer BOCES CTE completion and awards ceremony on Tuesday, June 16, in the Little Falls High School Auditorium.

The keynote speakers for the event were Michael and Mary Kraeger, who are both graduates of Herkimer BOCES and whose son, Ben Kraeger, graduated from Herkimer BOCES last year.

Mary Kraeger (maiden name, Fitch) went through the Herkimer BOCES early childhood education program, which is now called the child and family services program, with current instructor Kim Fragetta. She knew at a young age that she wanted to go into the field, and BOCES confirmed it for her. She went on to earn an associate degree in early childhood education and works at the Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency.

She also has been able to apply the lessons she learned from the program to her own life, she said.

“The early childhood program helped me to become a better parent,” she said.

Mary Kraeger said that graduation from Herkimer BOCES wasn’t like stepping up on a pedestal for the family because there was other work involved, but it opened up a new set of opportunities.

“For us, Herkimer BOCES was a stepping stone to the paths we have taken,” she said.

She told the graduates it was now their turn – recommending that they be open to new possibilities, be positive, be willing to learn and thank their parents.

“The skills you have can never be taken away, and you’ll be surprised how often you fall back on them,” she said.

Michael Kraeger said he completed the Herkimer BOCES welding program more than 25 years ago. Ben Kraeger also completed the program last year with instructor Bob McGough, who is retiring this year.

Michael Kraeger said he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, but he figured out that he could make money by fixing things, so he tried welding.

After completing the BOCES program, he went back to get state Department of Transportation vertical and overhead welding certifications through BOCES and gained a job doing bridge work for the DOT. He is now a bridge maintenance supervisor for the DOT and runs his own welding company.

Ben Kraeger also became fascinated with welding and earned both his DOT vertical and overhead welding certifications while still in high school. He was hired into the welding industry in July 2014, shortly after graduation.

Going to BOCES has made a big difference for the family, Michael Kraeger said, thanking McGough and BOCES staff.

Michael Kraeger recommended that the graduates enjoy whatever they choose to do, learn something new every day, get as much training as they can and be safe.

“Each of you here has the potential to earn a great, hands-on living,” he said.

The following are students who completed Herkimer BOCES CTE programs this school year, listed by their Herkimer BOCES CTE program with their home school district in parentheses.

Automotive technology:
  • Brandon Alsheimer (Central Valley)
  • Jacob Hoke (Central Valley)
  • Jason Obligenhart Central Valley)
  • Robert Gruet (Central Valley)
  • Devin Bullock (Dolgeville)
  • Michael Nethaway (Dolgeville)
  • Dallas Miles (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Jordan Bauder (Herkimer)
  • Alexander Stone (Little Falls)
  • Matthew Williams (Owen D. Young)
  • Sean Loveless (Poland)
  • Cameron Mosher (West Canada Valley)
Building construction:
  • Austin Eaker (Central Valley)
  • James Robellard (Central Valley)
  • Michael Fahey (Central Valley)
  • Randy DiGeorgio (Central Valley)
  • Sean Canter (Central Valley)
  • Tyler Coolidge (Central Valley)
  • Robert Moore (Dolgeville)
  • Tyler Daley (Dolgeville)
  • Colin Jones (Herkimer)
  • Jonathan Spencer (Little Falls)
  • Tyler Wallace (Little Falls)
  • Bobbie Lee Reynolds (Poland)
  • Grant Hughes (Poland)
  • Timothy Delano (Poland)
  • Brianna Hysack (West Canada Valley)
  • Kade Cotton (West Canada Valley)
Child and family services:
  • Brittany Polley (Central Valley)
  • Angela Harrington (Little Falls)
  • Morgan Buss (Mount Markham)
  • Victoria Herringshaw (Owen D. Young)
  • Sierra Zeidner (Poland)
  • Kimberly Stefanec (Richfield Springs)
  • Breea Jackson (West Canada Valley)
Collision repair technology:
  • Allen Marhaver (Central Valley)
  • Elijauh De Los Santos (Central Valley)
  • Joshua Greig (Central Valley)
  • Lance Pollard (Dolgeville)
  • Mark Blum (Herkimer)
  • Dennis Kimball (Little Falls)
  • Daniel Corbett (Little Falls)
  • Jared Oldick (Little Falls)
  • Jordan Herringshaw (Little Falls)
  • Geoffrey Roberts (Mount Markham)
  • Jennifer Tichenor (Poland)
  • Gabriel Grann (West Canada Valley)
  • Justin Johnson (West Canada Valley)
  • Maria Morse (West Canada Valley)
  • Kellen Paatz (adult student)
  • Melanie Gilman (adult student)
  • Alyssa Pilipovic (Central Valley)
  • Jordyn Musella (Central Valley)
  • Kirsten Leon (Central Valley)
  • Madelyne Zoeckler (Central Valley)
  • Stephanie Archer (Central Valley)
  • Vanessa Gleba (Central Valley)
  • Eliyah Hill (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Justyna Ingraham (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Abigail Frappier (Herkimer)
  • Chelsie Cotton (Herkimer)
  • Krystal Carbone (Herkimer)
  • Alexis Krasewski (Little Falls)
  • Brianne Nobile (Little Falls)
  • Emily Leskovar (Little Falls)
  • Ellen Fargo (Mount Markham)
  • Kathryn Proulx (Mount Markham)
  • Jennifer Barlow (Poland)
  • Marissa Youngs (Poland)
  • Frankie Hickling (Richfield Springs)
  • Tayley Borden (West Canada Valley)
  • Tesla Worden (West Canada Valley)
Criminal justice:
  • Geraldine Winter (Central Valley)
  • Korey Hoke (Central Valley)
  • Melinda Holmes (Central Valley)
  • Schuyler Negron (Central Valley)
  • Cameron Self (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Richard Kosinski (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Eric Johnston (Herkimer)
  • Kevin Snyder (Herkimer)
  • Krista Maury (Herkimer)
  • Scott Griffith (Herkimer)
  • Cheyenne Rivenburg (Little Falls)
  • Melena Fidler (Mount Markham)
  • Emily Sweet (Poland)
  • Miranda Robson (Poland)
  • Carissa Tasovac (West Canada Valley)
  • Jordan Miller (West Canada Valley)
  • Taryen Schultz (West Canada Valley)
Culinary and hospitality:
  • Allison Morgan (Central Valley)
  • Jesse Helmer (Central Valley)
  • Marissa Douglas (Central Valley)
  • Tessa Davis (Central Valley)
  • Garret Shortt (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Kaitlin Roberts (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Nicole Rotundo (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Stephanie Edwards (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Thomas Maneen (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Alysa Jordan (Herkimer)
  • Bethany Masi (Herkimer)
  • Erica Jennette (Herkimer)
  • Hailey Chrisman (Little Falls)
  • Alexandria Exline (Mount Markham)
  • Crystal Graml (Richfield Springs)
  • Joshua Southard-Hecox (West Canada Valley)
  • Justin Broadbent (West Canada Valley)
  • Mariah Conover (West Canada Valley)
  • Rachel Agne (West Canada Valley)
Health science careers:
  • Alexis Dawley (Central Valley)
  • Alexis Powell (Central Valley)
  • Desiree Henkle (Central Valley)
  • Eric Waite (Central Valley)
  • Miranda Bouck (Central Valley)
  • Samantha Urich (Central Valley)
  • Shae-Amber Prusakowski (Central Valley)
  • Tasha Floyd (Central Valley)
  • Emily Mayhew (Dolgeville)
  • Dominick Mazza (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Lauryn McGibeny (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Sarah Witt (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Adam Walrath (Herkimer)
  • Katelyn Filipczuk (Herkimer)
  • Peyton Riesel (Herkimer)
  • Philena Coffin (Herkimer)
  • Rachel Fromma (Herkimer)
  • Callie Gorman (Little Falls)
  • Courtney Robinson (Little Falls)
  • Alexis Gross (Owen D. Young)
  • Trista Jones (Owen D. Young)
  • Michelle Adam (Poland)
  • Alison Larocque (West Canada Valley)
  • Garrett MacFadden (West Canada Valley)
  • Leanne Kinsella (West Canada Valley)
Information Technology Academy – business management:
  • Joseph Rodio (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Alicia Kosinski (Little Falls)
  • Brandon Shokey (Richfield Springs)
Information Technology Academy – network administration:
  • Zachary Adams (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Ryan Werpechowski (Owen D. Young)
  • Michael Twomey (Richfield Springs)
Natural resource management:
  • Edward Moises (Central Valley)
  • Douglas Howe (Dolgeville)
  • Collin Burns (Herkimer)
  • Kyle Beach (Herkimer)
  • Zachary Utter (Mount Markham)
  • Joshua Mayton (Owen D. Young)
  • Shania Somma (Owen D. Young)
  • Hannah Pillmore (Poland)
  • Zackery Pettinelli (Poland)
  • Austin Stewart (West Canada Valley)
  • Mercedes Henzel (West Canada Valley)
Outdoor power equipment:
  • Rebecca Phillips (Dolgeville)
  • Jordan Smith (Little Falls)
  • Cody Light (Mount Markham)
  • Dylin Hoag (Mount Markham)
  • Jeffrey Weeks II (Owen D. Young)
  • Albert Amacher (Poland)
  • Corey Cook (Poland)
  • Jason Steves (Poland)
  • Frankie Cowan (Richfield Springs)
  • Jonathan Boss (Richfield Springs)
  • Shawna Miller (Richfield Springs)
  • Thomas Miller (Richfield Springs)
  • Kody Murphy (West Canada Valley)
Visual communications media arts:
  • Brandi Urich (Central Valley)
  • Jade Judson (Central Valley)
  • Pavel Kozulya (Central Valley)
  • Seth Young (Central Valley)
  • Brianna Scalise (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Angela Wright (Herkimer)
  • Brandon Johnson (Herkimer)
  • Collin Tero-Djordje (Herkimer)
  • Duane Rivenburg (Herkimer)
  • Jordan Reed (Herkimer)
  • Joshua Klock-Wald (Herkimer)
  • Steven Ciulla (Little Falls)
  • Zachary Atkinson (Little Falls)
  • Mark Loiacono (Owen D. Young)
  • Courtney Green (Poland)
  • Jake Schaffer (West Canada Valley)
  • Drake Smith (Central Valley
  • Gavin Goldsmith (Central Valley)
  • Dane Dittman (Frankfort-Schuyler)
  • Aaron Sherwood (Little Falls)
  • Devin Dawley (Little Falls)
  • Zachary Nash (Little Falls)
  • Ethan Livingston (Mount Markham)
  • John Weir (Mount Markham)
  • Joshua Nicolosi (Mount Markham)
  • Ryan Northup (West Canada Valley)

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