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Home Instruction Services
Herkimer BOCES Home Instruction Services is a cooperative service responsible for coordinating all documentation related to home-instructed students on behalf of participating districts, currently including: Central Valley, Frankfort, Little Falls, Mount Markham, Poland and Richfield Springs.
All paperwork can be sent by email, mail or hand delivered. Please try to send all documentation via email. It will save you postage and paper, and it will make the review process go more smoothly.
Your contacts at Herkimer BOCES are as follows:
John W. Stewart and Dick Young                             Vicki Devereese
Home Instruction Coordinators                                 Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
315-867-2007                                                            vdevereese@herkimer-boces.org


To download documents related to the Home Instruction Services, click on the links below:
  • Important information about Herkimer BOCES Home Instruction Services - click here.
  • New York state home instruction regulations - click here.
  • Individualized Home Instruction Plan for kindergarten through sixth grade - click here.
  • Individualized Home Instruction Plan for seventh grade and eighth grade - click here.
  • Individualized Home Instruction Plan for ninth grade through 12th grade - click here.
  • Home School Quarterly Report for kindergarten through sixth grade - click here.
  • Home School Quarterly Report for seventh grade and eighth grade - click here.
  • Home School Quarterly Report for ninth grade through 12th grade - click here.
Paperwork Reminders and Deadlines:
Herkimer BOCES Home Instruction Services serves multiple school districts. To ensure that your paperwork is properly accounted for and filed, please put the following information on every piece of paperwork that you send in:
  • the school district in which you reside
  • your child’s name, grade, address, phone number
  • parents’ or guardian’s name(s), email(s)
  • type of paperwork: Letter of Intent, IHIP, First Quarterly Report, etc.
It is recommended that you retain copies of all paperwork sent to this office.
Letters of Intent are due on July 1, 2017, or within two weeks of commencing home instruction. Please e-mail or send the letter of intent to:
John Stewart
Dick Young
Home Instruction Coordinators           
Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES
352 Gros Blvd.
Herkimer, NY, 13350
Email: vdevereese@herkimer-boces.org       
Individualized Home Instruction Plans (IHIPs):  Parents shall submit the completed IHIP form to Herkimer BOCES within four weeks of receipt of the home instruction packet.
Quarterly Reportsare due on the dates stated on the IHIP.
Year-End Assessments and Standardized Test Resultsare sent in with the fourth quarterly report or immediately after receiving the test results. School district calendars are available on your home district website. You can also find a contact list of administrators there. If your paperwork will be late, call at the above phone or email.
Submitting Reports

Whenever you email regarding your child, please use the child’s last name and the school district in which the child resides in the subject line as it will help with maintaining records.
E-mail Letter of Intent, IHIP, Quarterly Reports, and Year-End Narrative Assessments, and these reports will be confirmed receipt via email. Please save documents in MS Word, pdf, or other compatible file format.
You will be emailed a response as soon as your report is read, usually within a week to 10 days.
Please check to be sure your e-mail was transmitted. If you do not receive an email confirmation within two weeks, call Vicki Devereese at 315-867-2007. If you would like a written record stating that we have received your report, you may print out the email confirming transmittal.
Age Requirements

If your child is 6 years old on or before Dec. 1, 2017, you must register him/her with Home Instruction. Instruction should be geared to the level appropriate to the student’s needs and previous level of achievement. If your child is 16 years old on or after July 1, 2017, you must register him/her with Home Instruction for the entire school year.
Students with Disabilities

Students who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) written by the Committee on Special Education, should send a copy to Herkimer BOCES Home Instruction Services for the files.
Please see the NYSED web site below for information on Commissioners ruling on special education and home instruction: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/nonpub/homeinstruction/homeinstructionguidance708.html
If you would like your student assessed by the Committee on Special Education, contact your local school district or the Herkimer BOCES Home Instruction Services.

Assessment Information: Year-End Testing
(Narratives and Standardized Testing)

Children in grades K-3 do not need standardized tests. You or someone you designate may write a “Year-End Narrative Assessment‟ instead. Children in grades 4-8 must take standardized tests at least every other year (or every year if you wish.) On alternate years, you may write a narrative assessment. If you do a narrative for grade 4, then you must give a standardized test for grade 5.
Children in grades 4-8, may be able to test in their neighborhood school, depending upon the district’s Board of Education Policy. Contact the school in the fall for tests dates.
Once testing has occurred, send in OFFICIAL TEST RESULTS as soon as possible. Only the official results that are sent from the testing service will be accepted as evidence of testing.
New York State Home Instruction Regulations requires that students in grades 9-12 be tested every year. It is recommended that a New York State certified teacher administer the test, although the parent may do so. You are responsible for buying and administering the test so please make sure you allow time for ordering and shipping. You may want to also do an Internet search for other sources.
Students in grades 10 or 11 can take the PSAT in October. (Contact the school guidance counselor). Students in grades 11-12 may also take ACT (www.act.org) or SAT or SAT II from College Board (www.collegeboard.org). 12TH graders may also use any college placement test that is given by a college or university.
Students Ages 16 and up: Thinking about Higher Education Opportunities
Once your child turns16 and completes that year of schooling, it is your choice to submit paperwork or not, even if he/she continues with home instruction. However, be aware that if sometime in the future you request a Superintendent’s Letter of Substantial Equivalency for college, OR dual-credit at a community college such, or for Tuition Assistance Program applications, we will need to have complete documentation for all four years of high school: four IHIPs, all quarterly reports, and four standardized tests.
Superintendent’s Letter of Substantial Equivalency

If you wish your child to receive a Superintendent’s Letter of Substantial Equivalency, contact the Herkimer BOCES Home Instruction Service early in the spring of your child’s last year of high school. Make an appointment; bring all your home instruction records- IHIPs, Quarterly Reports, Standardized Tests, etc. When you meet with Herkimer BOCES, we will go through the BOCES file, making sure that it is complete and if not, copying any missing records from your own file. When all records are in order, BOCES will send the file onto the Superintendent, who is ultimately responsible for writing the letter.

Standardized Testing Resources
  • California Achievement Test: Bayside School Services, PO Box 250 Devil Hills, NC 27948, 1-800-723-3057
  • IOWA Test and Stanford Achievement Tests: Bob Jones University Press Testing and Evaluation Services, http://www.bjupress.com/services/testing/ 1-800-845-5731 *order early, you must provide some credentials that you are home instructed as in the letter you received accepting your notification of home instruction.
  • Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS): Hewitt Homeschooling Resources P.O. Box 9, Washougal, WA 98671-0009, (360) 835-8708, Fax (360) 835-8697 http://hewitthomeschooling.com

Year-End Narrative Assessment

Year-End Narrative Assessment may be written by a certified teacher, a home instruction peer review panel, or the person in charge of the home instruction. The Year-End Narrative Assessment is generally a one-page overview of the student’s learning. It is recommended that you look over samples of work your child has done for the year before beginning to write. The Assessment should focus on the growth and achievements over the year in all content areas.
  • Please list your child’s name, grade level and the school district. Include your name and contact information (and the name of the person writing the assessment, if it is not you.)
  • List the high points or areas of strength in each of the content areas.
  • List those areas that need improvement or weaknesses that could be addressed in next year’s Individualized Home Instruction Plan.
  • Write a paragraph identifying whether the work accomplished was adequate or inadequate to be promoted to the next grade.

Groups that provide support and networking for home school families:
Other Resources

Publishers of Curriculum Materials

These are suggestions only- not recommendations. You are responsible for reviewing them. Some of these listings have religious affiliation, and others are non-sectarian.

* Elementary level only **High School level only
  • A Beka: www.abeka.com,Pensacola Christian College, Box 18000, Pensacola, FL 23523
  • Alpha Omega Publications: www.homeschooling.com, PO Box 3153, Tempe, AZ 85281
  • American School**850 East 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637, 1-800-531-9268
  • Amplified Online – online curriculum, books, time-line
  • Calvert School* 105 Tuscany Road, Baltimore, MD 21210
  • Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W. Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
  • Christian Light Publ. Inc., P.O. Box 1126, Harrisonburg, VA 22801-1126
  • Clonlara School, 1289 Jewett, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Hewitt Research Foundation, PO Box 9, Washougal, WA 98671
  • Holt Associates, 2269 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140
  • Home Centered Learning, PO Box 92, Escondido, CA 92025
  • Home Education Press, PO Box 1083, Tonasket, WA 98855
  • Home School Reviews www.homeschoolreviews.com
  • Home Run Enterprises, 12531 Aristocrat Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92641
  • Home Study International, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904
  • ICS Newport /Pacific HS **Oak Street & Pawnee Ave., Scranton, PA 18515
  • KONOS, PO Box 1534, Richardson, TX75083
  • McGuffey Academy, 100 East Huron Street, Milford, MI 48042
  • Miquon Math www.keypress.com
  • Oak Meadow, PO Box 712, Blackburg, VA 24063
  • Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading
  • Plato On Line Resources http://www.plato.com 
  • Reading Ark, 1331 Clover Lane, Feasterville, PA 19074
  • Seton School, PO Box 396, Front Royal, VA 22630
Other Commonly Used Resources
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